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Pro Nouveau by Aidan White - Areola #1

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Pro Nouveau by Aidan White - Areola #1



Product Description

Pro Nouveau by Aidan White - Areola #1 is the paramount choice for permanent makeup artists showcased on your Shopify store. This exceptional pigment is designed with mastery for areola reconstruction, delivering not just color but confidence and normalcy.

Rich Color Retention: Areola #1 is infused with a depth of color designed to last. Its superb retention properties maintain the integrity of the hue, offering your clients a durable and enduring result that reflects their inner strength and outer beauty.

Gentle and Safe: Safety is our mantra. The ink meets the highest standards, being hypoallergenic and compliant with stringent regulations. Its formulation respects the delicate nature of post-operative skin, providing a safe application without compromising on the striking result.

Artistry Meets Empathy: Aidan White's endorsement is not merely a stamp of quality; it's a testament to the artistry and empathy that Pro Nouveau embodies. Each bottle is not just ink; it’s a tool for transformation, enabling artists to craft beauty in the most personal and empowering ways.

Beyond Color Correction: While Areola #1 shines in correcting undertones, its versatility allows for its use in a spectrum of permanent makeup applications. From full areola creation to subtle facial enhancements, its performance is unparalleled.

Your Art, Their Journey: By choosing Pro Nouveau by Aidan White - Areola #1, you're not just selecting a product. You're embracing a journey of change, of art that heals and colors that restore. Offer your clients not just a treatment but a new chapter in their lives.

Experience the blend of art and healing with "Pro Nouveau by Aidan White - Areola #1" — where every color tells a story and is worth telling.

All our pigments are proudly made in the USA in an ISO 9001/2005 and ISO 22716 Facility, ensuring the highest quality standards. We are proud to say that our pigments are vegan and cruelty-free, reflecting our commitment to ethical and sustainable tattooing practices.

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