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Our Inks

We know what's NOT in our Ink!

INTENZE takes our inks seriously. That is why we have performed extensive testing to make sure harmful ingredients NEVER make it into your skin. Take control over your craft and STOP putting harmful inks into your clients. Use INTENZE the only tattoo ink that tells you what isn't in our inks!

ISO Certification

Intenze Tattoo ink is manufactured in a ISO 9001: 2015 and ISO 22716 facility. Providing the safest tattoo pigment in the industry.

Vegan and Cruelty-Free

From the start INTENZE has made it's mission to make tattooing and the world better. We are proudly the first 100% Vegan ink and have never tested on animals. Mario Barth believes so fully in this mission that he personally tests each new ink on himself. In 2016 Intenze partnered with PETA to create the PETA Color set. 100% of it's proceeds go to fighting animal abuse.

Important Documentation


Our #1 priority is the safety and effectiveness of our products. This is why we sterilize all of our inks through a 3rd party sterilization facility. 

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Safety Data

Transparency of ingredients and access to information on the inks you use is important. This is why we allow you access to MSDS and SDS sheets for our entire product line. Downloads as Zip Archive file.  


Manufactured in an ISO 9001:2015 certified facility. Our inks go through a rigorous quality control process.


All our inks are sterilized through a gamma radiation process. Providing artists with the safest ink avaliable is our mission.


INTENZE inks are #1 choice of tattoo artists worldwide. Find out why and join the family.

Chemical Technology Lab Certificates

Find every CTL certificate for Intenze Products here, categorized in the following manner: Aromatic Amines, Dyestuff, Heavy Metals, PAH (PAK), and Sterility.

Because Artists Deserve the Best

If you’re putting it in your clients’ skin, we’re putting it in ours first. Safety, quality, and simplicity. That’s how we create our pigments and our formulation for success. 

We take customer and client safety very seriously. This is what drove us to become the first tattoo ink manufacture to independently sterilize our inks. It is why we developed our patented tamper free cap design. Tattoo safety is INTENZE’s primary objective at all times.


Going Green Initiative

INTENZE is an environmentally friendly company that believes in safety. Safety for our artists and safety for our planet. This is why INTENZE initiated it's Going Green Initiative. It is why we produce and distribute Eco friendly products to our consumers and why we have reduced packaging materials on current and future products. We are committed to the future.