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Tattoo Ink

Intenze Color Lining Ink Series

Tattoo Ink

Intenze Color Lining Ink Series


Product Description

This revolutionary tattoo ink allows artists the flexibility to create color tattoos without black lining. Choose from 10 different colors in this set to easily run lines into your tattoo before you start coloring.

Please Note: The 4oz version of this set has been discontinued. Please contact your local distributors if you wish to purchase any remaining sets of this size.

Lining colors included in the set:

  • Lining Red Dark
  • Lining Blue Dark
  • Lining Red Light
  • Lining Blue Light
  • Lining Green
  • Lining Purple
  • Lining Brown Dark
  • Lining Magenta
  • Lining Brown Light
  • Lining Yellow

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