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There are no upcoming contests to talk about..<br>
<b>But we are planting a FOREST!</b>

There are no upcoming contests to talk about..
But we are planting a FOREST!

INTENZE is partnering with One Tree Planted to reach our goal of planting 10,000 tree!

Here’s How to Help:
1. Purchasing from us? Select all the inks your looking for and then head to checkout. You'll be prompted to plant a tree. Click yes and your tree will be added to the cart.
2. Don't need to purchase? Easy, just search tree in the search bar or click on one for the many plant a tree prompts. Add One Tree to the cart and proceed to checkout!
3. Come back and plant another tree when your able. INTENZE will be matching tree donations to reach our goal!


We will update this page when a giveaway is ready to launch. In the meantime, help us save the planet. Every tree counts towards are goal of 10,000 trees planted!