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The science to excel, the freedom to create. It’s why we started INTENZE, and the commitment to pouring the science and soul of tattoo into every bottle of ink has guided us along the way.

We don’t have MBAs. We aren’t VC backed. We’re artists who wanted a harder-working, higher-performing ink, so we decided to make our own. That was back in 2002. INTENZE was the first company to label its bottles, the first to offer a 54-color set, and the first to publicize ingredients. Gradually we began to refine the product and process, realizing that a remarkable pigment is one that performs for any artist, under any condition. Too deep, too crooked, overpowered and underpowered machines—we tested formulations relentlessly to come up with the right colors and consistency that help artists pursue their craft and create work that shatters boundaries.

Creating safer ink is complicated. It takes longer. It’s more expensive. But where others see safety regulations as a hassle, we see them as a responsibility and an opportunity to raise the standard in an industry we’re passionate about. It’s a process that begins and ends with testing. Making sure each formulation works on our own skin under a variety of conditions is the first step. Then we let our network of artists test the same pigments, incorporate their suggestions, and adjust accordingly. Then each batch of INTENZE ink is mixed, sterilized, and bottled in a Clean Room before it’s sampled and tested again.

Your customers deserve to know where your ink comes from. You deserve to know. Every bottle of ink we produce is marked with an individual unique code. Like a fingerprint, it identifies the time, place, and technician who handled it.


INTENZE artists are breaking ground with a combination of craft and technology, and it shows in their art. See our family of artists and learn exactly what innovation in tattoo art looks like.


It started from scratch. One color, a garage, and an artist who wanted to create art no one had ever seen before. Click on the button below and check out the history of INTENZE in Mario Barth’s own words.


We don’t create ink to maintain the status quo. Breaking new ground begins with the tools that let artists explore, create, and take their work to new levels. learn about the fundamentals of INTENZE ink.

Choosing pigments is something we don’t take lightly.

Bright, bright colors, consistent formulas, and decreased metals and toxicity: A lot hinges on doing them right, including your art.