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History Of Ink


Follow the ancient history of tattooing through the ages.



Blood and Grey

Kamil Mocet

"It takes time. Your always learning." - Kamil



Frankenstein's Monster

Bob Tyrrell

Bob brings you through one of his all time favorite tattoos.


Never Fade Campaign

History of Ink

Bowery Stan - Never Fade

Gill "The Drill" Montie

Mark Mahoney - Gangster Grey

Tips & Tricks with Mario

How to Store Ink

Cleanze Concentrate

Color Mixing VS Special Shading

True Black Vs Zuper Black

Snow White Opaque Vs Mixing

Improving Longevity

Building and Succeeding

Choosing a Style

Tattoo & Skin Tones

Science of Shading

Why Lining Ink?

Black & Grey Portraits

Color in the Skin

Color Realism

Q Tattoo - Freddy Krueger

Steve Butcher - Roller Coaster

BORIS - Tattoo Walk Through

Marek Pawlik - Nature Tattoo


Chris Showstoppr Interview

Kamil Mocet - Blood and Grey

BJ Betts BAU Interview

Bob Tyrrell BAU Interview

Mike Demasi BAU Interview

Mario Barth Interview

Steve Butcher Interview

Black and Grey

Bob Tyrrell - Frankenstein's Monster Tattoo

Mark Mahoney Gangster Grey

Paul Booth Freehand Horror

Bob Tyrrell ICA Seminar

Artist Seminars

INTENZE Panel - BTSOE 2011

Nikko Hurtado - ICA Seminar

London Reese - ICA Seminar

Boris of Hungary - ICA Seminar

Bob Tyrrell - ICA Seminar

Laukis and Betts - ICA Seminar


BJ Betts - Son of a Trucker

Vetoe Head Tattoo

BJ Betts Formula 23

Laukis and Betts - ICA Seminar

History of Tattoo

Mark Mahoney - Gangster Grey

Gill "The Drill" Montie

Bowery Stan - Never Fade

History of Ink