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Product Description


GHOSTLINE has the incredible capability of turning your custom artwork in to a perfect stencil, in seconds. It can also UPSCALE and sharpen your blurry photos so you can transform them in to a high quality photo and stencil. Your job just became a lot easier.

Whether you want to tattoo a photograph of a loved one, or a custom neotrad design, GHOSTLINE will generate the perfect stencil, for your tattoo process, with just a few swipes of the finger. GHOSTLINE generates perfect stencils, in seconds, so you can spend more time creating your art and less time preparing hand made stencils. There is no reason why you should spend hours making stencils by hand, any longer.

Each artist is unique and GHOSTLINE allows you to fully adjust your stencil, however you like. Whether you prefer a more classic line-based stencil, or a more 3D value-scale stencil, OR somewhere in between; GHOSTLINE provides fully adjustable customization for every artist’s needs. The GHOSTLINE app also allows you to make final edits, so you can draw & erase, to make those last minute, changes before printing.

04 — PRINT
Once you have adjusted your stencil to your desired outcome, you can print at virtually any scale you would like, on GHOSTLINE. With our industry first print-scale technology; you can choose your size and print automatically to your favorite stencil printer. OR just save the stencil to your photo album and adjust even more. GHOSTLINE makes it easy to create the perfect stencil and get to the best part; tattooing.

All our pigments are proudly made in the USA in an ISO 9001/2005 and ISO 22716 Facility, ensuring the highest quality standards. We are proud to say that our pigments are vegan and cruelty-free, reflecting our commitment to ethical and sustainable tattooing practices.

Better Ink. Better Tattoos

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