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Tattoo Ink

PETA Pets Set

11 reviews

Tattoo Ink

PETA Pets Set

11 reviews


Product Description

INTENZE is proud to partner with PETA in the creation of this PETA Color Ink Series. The ethical treatment of animals has always been a priority at INTENZE. This is why our inks are 100% Vegan-friendly and why we never perform or support animal testing with any of our products.

INTENZE will continue to support PETA in the fight against the unethical treatment of animals. Show your support for animals by always using animal-friendly products.

ALL proceeds from PETA Color Ink Series go to PETA to help fight for animal rights.

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Customer Reviews
5.0 Based on 11 Reviews
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Dan T.
Great set.

Great set of all around colors. Includes a very unique blue and a few shades of grey. They have all stayed true to color and go into the skin as easy as all of Intenze's inks. Particularly love the sheep color. It's a white with very soft blue tones and it heals bright! Very nice for highlights.

Jerry J.
PETA Set Review

I really enjoyed using the Peta set, the quality of the inks is the same as all Intenze inks. They go in smoothly and heal beautifully, I have found so many uses for the PETA set. Some of the colors have a more muted tone to them and make great contrasting.

Intenze Tattoo Ink PETA Pets Set Review
Olga K.
PETA Set Review

Ink from Intenze is always 5 stars! and this time again! These juicy colors are reminiscent of the beauty of our nature. Thanks Intenze!

Intenze Tattoo Ink PETA Pets Set Review
Desmond T.
PETA Set Review

I'm really loving this color set. Able to plug a few of the colors into my daily palette which has a been a plus.

Intenze Tattoo Ink PETA Pets Set ReviewIntenze Tattoo Ink PETA Pets Set Review
Chris C.
PETA Set Review

I have been using Intenze pigments for almost as long as they have been made. The PETA set is just as good if not better than all the other sets in a giant lineup. They are bright, go in with very minimal effort and I'm sure will stand the test of time just like the rest of Intenze lineup. Best of all no animals are harmed in the making. Once you have used this palette there is clearly no other choice but Intenze pigment.

Intenze Tattoo Ink PETA Pets Set Review

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