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Mark Mahoney Gangster Grey Tattoo Ink Set

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Mark Mahoney Gangster Grey Tattoo Ink Set



Product Description

INTENZE Products is proud to present a new black & grey tattoo ink set formulated by legendary tattooist Mark Mahoney, the "founding father" of black and grey tattooing. This is the formula and shades of black & grey that Mark Mahoney himself uses while he tattoos. The result is an unbelievable black & grey system of tattoo ink ideally suited for black & grey portraits, lettering, religious tattoos, and Cholo artwork made famous in Southern California. 

Mark Mahoney is a tattoo icon and the purveyor of the Shamrock Social Club on Hollywood's sunset strip in Los Angeles. He came up with the old-school ways of tattooing and broke boundaries with his unique style and impact on the California tattoo scene, which has influenced the entire world.

After honoring Mark Mahoney in the INTENZE Never Fade campaign in 2010, the company jumped at the chance to continue to work with Mr. Mahoney on a tattoo ink product. The first step was a limited edition Shamrock Green tattoo ink released on St. Patrick's Day in March 2011 that paid homage to The Shamrock Social Club, Mr. Mahoney's tattoo shop. But INTENZE Products and their customers wanted to learn more about Mark's legendary Black & Grey tattoo style, which led to the release of Mark Mahoney's Gangster Grey Tattoo Ink.

INTENZE Products and Mark Mahoney began the scientific approach of replicating Mahoney's black & grey tattoo ink formula. After months of testing, developing, and tattooing, the procedure matched INTENZE Products' and Mr. Mahoney's standards. Mark Mahoney is quoted on the product box saying, "Dis here is my secret recipe. I have been using this stuff since 1983. I hope it does for you what it's done for me. Respectfully, Mark Mahoney.

30-Day Money Back Guarantee. If unsatisfied with the ink, you can return it within 30 days of receipt: a full refund, no strings attached.

Send us a letter with your reason for dissatisfaction, and you can return the used ink.

This set includes four black shades of ink, one white ink, and Mr. Mahoney's Miracle Water distilled mixer, along with the box set.

All our pigments are vegan, cruelty-free, and made in the USA.

* Bottles, Caps, and Seals may vary

All our pigments are proudly made in the USA in an ISO 9001/2005 and ISO 22716 Facility, ensuring the highest quality standards. We are proud to say that our pigments are vegan and cruelty-free, reflecting our commitment to ethical and sustainable tattooing practices.

Better Ink. Better Tattoos

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