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Creative Specialist

Graphic Designer

Las Vegas, Nevada

Key Qualifications

  • Strong understanding of Adobe Creative Suite, especially Final Cut Pro, and Photoshop.
  • Strong Photoshop skills layout for print/production and Branding
  • Camera knowledge / Photography
  • Multi-camera setups and syncing multi cams for edit
  • Prior experience working as a designer/video editor for brands
  • Ideally, you have strong creative leadership to complete projects on time and quickly produce new visual branded content.
  • You have experience producing content for TikTok, IG REELS, YouTube, or other online platforms & websites
  • The ability to handle multiple projects per week, and dozens of projects per month.
  • Take quality notes, document work, and translate client directives into a finalized product.
  • A key understanding of the revision process — and working through revisions diligently.

Responsibilities & Duties
You are responsible for a variety of creative projects across a dynamic range of event types.
As a Lead Creative specialist, you will be assigned multiple projects every week, with deadlines.

Additional Requirements

  • Experience with Non-linear Editing.
  • Familiar with Adobe Creative Suite.
  • Photoshop & Illustrator skills are a plus.
  • Microsoft Office experience is a plus.
  • Adobe After Effects experience is a plus.
  • You are a self-motivated individual.
  • Experience working with clients by email.
  • Ability to take notes & listen.
  • Ability to understand project goals & vision.