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Mike Demasi

Intenze Mike DeMasi Color Portrait Set

Mario Barth Gold Label Tattoo Ink Set

Purchase the 1 ounce set and get the exclusive Mike Demasi signature box with 1 ounce bottles.

"When doing a color portrait, people often ask "what color tattoo inks do you use?" Not knowing that there is no such thing as a flesh tone tattoo ink color. Flesh tones are made up of many colors and everyones hues can be a little different. When studying the face you will notice a variety of colors; reds, greens, and even blues. So when developing this portrait set i wanted to incorporate these colors, some are bright and some are muted down. Adding this set to your existing Intenze Tattoo Inks allows you for a perfect tattoo ink color pallet."

Mike Demasi The Palette Tattoo Ink Set

Mario Barth Gold Label Tattoo Ink Set

With three years in the making, Mike Demasi has created 20 colors to fit his Palette. Although these colors were designed with Mike's signature style in mind, they will fit into anyone's color palette.

With this set, INTENZE has added 20 original and unique colors to our amazing lineup to give tattoo artists endless options to fit their clients' changing needs.


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