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Yury Timko


"Excellence is made up of little things. Little things creates perfection, and perfection is not a trifle."



June 25th

Tattoo Styles

Black & Grey Realism

Color Realism

Chicano Style

Career Start


Home Base

Saint-Petersburg, Russia

Yuri Timko is a tattoo master, has been professionally engaged in tattooing since 2011, the main styles of work: Color, black and white realism, portrait tattoo, Chicano.

Since 2000, Yuri has been painting graffiti as a hobby, including graffiti design. Tattoo for Yuri, as the next stage in the development of his work. He began his career in a small studio and decided not to stop and start collaborating with more professional masters and tattoo studios.

Now Yuri lives and is based in St. Petersburg, in addition to tattoos, Yuri paints with acrylic and creates art and oil paintings.
Yuri Timko also works in tattoo studios in Europe, expands his professionalism, makes new acquaintances with professional tattoo artists, participates in tattoo festivals in Russia, Belgium, Germany, Belarus and other European countries.

In the future, Yuri wants to gather high-level tattoo artists around himself and create a larger tattoo studio, collaborate with leading global manufacturers of tattoo materials, paints and tattoo equipment, visit a wide range of world famous tattoo festivals more often, create collaborations with tattoo artists to attract attention more a wide circle of people interested in tattoos, promoting quality in the field of tattoos.