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Introducing Intenze Black Label: The First Universal, REACH-Compliant, Sustainable, Vegan-Friendly Black Tattoo Ink

July 08, 2024

Black Label Pre Order

In the ever-evolving world of tattoo artistry, innovation, safety, sustainability, and versatility are paramount. Intenze Products, a leading name in the tattoo industry, has set a new benchmark with Intenze Black Label. This groundbreaking ink is the first to be REACH-compliant as an all-in-one formula. The unique composition of Intenze Black Label allows artists to achieve consistent, high-quality results with a single product. Its vegan-friendly formulation underscores Intenze's commitment to cruelty-free products and environmental sustainability. Black Label is poised to revolutionize the industry.

A Legacy of Excellence

Intenze Products has a history of creating high-quality tattoo inks that are trusted by artists worldwide. We are known for our commitment to safety and quality. Intenze inks like Zuper Black and Lining Black are celebrated for their rich pigment, ease of application, and lasting results. Artists consistently choose Intenze for their reliability and superior performance, and Black Label is just another addition to this commitment.

The Birth of Intenze Black Label

New industry regulations presented a challenge and an opportunity for innovation. Mario Barth, founder of Intenze Products and a renowned tattoo artist, embraced this challenge. Dedicated to advancing the art and science of tattooing, Barth and his team embarked on creating a new black ink that would meet the highest safety standards while providing unmatched versatility. Intenze Black Label is born from meticulous analysis and a unique formulation process.

Setting New Standards in Safety, Quality, and Sustainability

Safety and sustainability are top priorities in the tattoo industry and have been the precedent set by Intenze when formulating new products. Intenze Black Label meets and exceeds the highest standards in both areas. Its REACH compliance demonstrates Intenze's commitment to providing safe, reliable, and environmentally responsible products. REACH, the European Union regulation for chemical safety ensures the ink's safety for artists and clients and reflects Intenze's dedication to stringent regulatory and environmental practices. Intenze has created the most advanced, sustainable, and vegan-friendly tattoo pigment by carefully analyzing particle size and using a proprietary blend of ingredients.

A Message from Mario Barth

"As the only independently artist-owned pigment manufacturer in the tattoo industry and a leader in product development for over 30 years, I am incredibly proud to introduce Intenze Black Label. This ink sets a new global standard as the first of its kind and embodies our commitment to innovation, safety, sustainability, and environmental responsibility."


With the launch of Intenze Black Label, Intenze Products has once again proven its leadership in the tattoo industry. By combining cutting-edge science, a commitment to safety, and a deep understanding of artists' needs, Intenze has created a product that redefines black tattoo ink. As the first REACH-compliant, sustainable, and vegan-friendly universal black ink, Intenze Black Label will become a staple in tattoo artists' kits worldwide, setting new standards for manufacturers and the industry.

Pre-order Intenze Black Label here

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