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Intenze Raffle 2023 - Expired

October 05, 2023

Intenze Raffle 2023

**Intenze Tattoo Ink Presents: The 1st Annual Intenze Raffle 2023**

Unlock a Palette of Possibilities with Intenze! This isn't just any raffle. It's the golden ticket to a world where vibrant colors redefine your artistry and ablaze creativity. Intenze is known for our commitment to quality and brilliance, and this year, we're celebrating YOU - our loyal community, with an opportunity unlike any other.

Winners to be announced on November 1st, 2023

**Why Join the Intenze Raffle?**

**Quality Like No Other:** Intenze inks are renowned for their longevity, brilliance, and safety. We don't just make colors; we craft experiences.

**Exclusive Opportunity:** This is our FIRST annual raffle, an exclusive chance for you to elevate your artistry.

**For the Love of Color:** Because if there's anything an artist treasures, it's the opportunity to play, explore, and create.

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