Science and Beauty Aren’t Mutually Exclusive

We didn’t set out to strive for the most advanced ink possible. We just wanted an ink that performed well and helped us become better artists.

In fact, when Mario started making ink in his kitchen in 1978, science might have been the furthest thing from his mind. But the 3–4 shades he started working with would prove to be the foundation for some incredible advancements in the science of tattoo ink.

Tattoo as an artform has a soul and beauty to it that runs deep. But for us, it’s not just aesthetic. There’s a science to it. From formulation to testing to your skin, we think about ink scientifically. For us, trying to create an ink that goes in smooth and heals bright is a never ending quest, but we’ve developed a process and a product that delivers on our promise.

First off, we’re picky about our suppliers and the pigments we get from them. Once we have the pigments, we start testing. pH levels, liquidity, temperatures, and viscosity all have to pass, and we have to make sure we get the formulation right. When it is, each receives a batch number.


Next, we draw samples and test again. If the sample comes back negative, we don’t even try to repair it. We trash it.

Our mixing process makes sure each batch is consistent and that the colors are flawless, and the process takes 2–4 days to make sure the elements bind in our Clean Room. Once they’re tested again, boxed, and sealed, we sterilize them using a rigorous process that makes sure the ink is clean and ready for our customers.


Science, the way we see it, is fundamental to art. By combining chemistry, technology, and a passion for tattoo, we’re creating better ink and superior tools for better art.