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Atlanta, Georgia

Latoya Denique is the CEO of Scar Alchemy, Atlanta’s premier medical and cosmetic tattoo salon. With over a decade of experience as an Oncology Nurse Practitioner, Latoya transitioned from the healthcare field to tattoo industry in 2020. After a conversation with a breast cancer patient, Latoya begin to search for artists who specialized in paramedical tattoos. What she discovered was a market that was virtually untapped and vastly underrepresented by women of color. A new mom at the time, Latoya could easily relate to the desire and need to feel confident in your body. Frustrated by the lack of representation amongst medical tattoo artists, Latoya was inspired to explore the world of cosmetic and medical tattoos.

After months of research, studying industry standards, and taking classes to develop her signature technique for camouflage tattoo, Latoya founded SCAR Alchemy. Despite starting a new venture in the midst of a pandemic, Latoya has over 9M views on Instagram, has helped over 300+ women get the confidence back, and has taught students online and in-person from multiple cities across the U.S. She notably has one of the most ethnically diverse portfolios of any other camouflage tattoo artists in North America. She also is a huge Rihanna fan, retired Atlanta socialite, and mom to over 75 house plants and one incredible little human.

With a passion to help more women of color benefit from these services, Latoya has combined 10+ years of knowledge and experience as a medical provider and her natural gifts of art and healing to influence and educate other artists to consider medical tattoos.